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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

We are a dynamic, thesis-driven investment firm with experience in digital assets. Eon utilizes a multi-strategy approach to capture value within the digital asset ecosystem while fostering innovation and growth.

Our Expertise

With a robust foundation in both traditional finance and the crypto economy, our team offers a unique perspective that merges traditional investment strategies with innovative blockchain investments. We are hands-on investors who actively participate in the on chain economy to manage digital asset investments.

Our Approach

Innovation and adaptability are at the core of our philosophy. We believe in continuously evolving our strategies to stay ahead of the market. Our approach centers on actively monitoring the evolving landscape, identifying promising opportunities, and strategically investing in projects that harness the power of blockchain innovation.

About Us

Meet The Team

Josiah Putrich, Eon Capital Founder

Josiah Putrich

  • Josiah Putrich - Linkedin

Digital assets enthusiast with a deep understanding of the risks associated with entering the early, mid, and late-stage token space, engaging with DeFi protocols and different layers of the blockchain.

Tyler Boyd, Eon Capital Founder

Tyler Boyd

  • Tyler Boyd - Linkedin

Tyler Boyd is a Co-Founder of Eon Capital and crypto native. Before founding Eon, Tyler worked as a digital asset specialist with experience in blockchain layer research, DeFi protocol due diligence, and digital asset risk mitigation.

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